HDPE vegetation bag

Extremely strong and best quality Terracefarms HDPE vegetation bags.

*Spacious and robust HDPE vegetable bags with thickness 250gsm
*UV protected adhering to a longer shelf-life
* structured with Rigid PVC framing
*easy to install, maintain and handle
* easily portable and durable

Grow bags

High quality and reusable Terracefarms vegetable grow bags.

* Variable sizes grow bags available, suiting your gardening needs
*Highly convenient and moveable
* Best quality with breathable walls
* Durable, UV rays safe and suitable for all gardening types.

pot mix

Purely Organic and nutrient rich coco peat pot-mix

*Best substituent soil-less medium
*Unadulterated and 100% natural
*Highly porous and water retentive
*Durable with 3years longevity
* High grade quality with great soil conditioning property
*Best working for all types of organic cultivation
*Convenient and easy storage and usage

Drain mats

Seepage proof drain mats with excellent flexibility

*Prevents terrace floor from damage and dribbles
*long lasting hard fibre mats with drain cells
*Easily installed and handled
*Easy to clean

DIY kits

Do it yourself terrace farming kit

*Easy self-installation kit including pot-mix, grow bags or HDPE vegetation bags as per your requirement, drain mat and hygiene maintenance services
*Buy DIY kit and install your farm on you own
* Inclusive of attractive maintenance package with best offers