Our trusted farming services

With A multidimensional vegetable farming system, we bring a number of essential and wonderful services for you.

Proudly organic
Our highly experienced advisory board and our team ensure use of strictly organic inputs in the farming without any intervention of harmful chemicals or additives disturbing a natural output. We completely adhere to Organic farming!

A soil free version of farming
The Organic Terracefarms setup is a self-sustainable unit having a soil less medium. In farming without soil, we incorporate chemical free, soil-less and organic medium made out of coco peat, which is highly porous, water absorbent and nutrients rich. We work with best substitutes over better!

absolutely portable mini farm
Our farming setup is absolutely portable and is transport friendly.  The whole setup can be transported and shifted easily. No rigidity in farming!

flexibility at its best
Highly flexible, this mini farm has no inconvenience with its workability. It can be both, dismantled and assembled effortlessly and is easily transportable. Because the flexible always lasts!

less space coverage
For the installation of Terracefarms setup, one need to have a minimum available space of 10^2 feet. Even your small Terrace is enough for this humble setup. A tantrum free farming is all we look up to!

your farm, your choice of veggies
We customize your personal farm with your choice of seasonal vegetables. You are free to make choices of what vegetables you want to grow. Additionally, our attempt is to ensure that the yield matches your consumption. Grow what you love!

A smart irrigation system
we introduce a mess free maintenance layout, the drip irrigation system, an addon feature of our setup that eases the watering management for you. You can choose either manual or automatic timer controlled, as per your requirement. Smart handling makes things easier!

leak-proof sturdy structure
Installation of setup is completely handy and leakage proof. Our farming setup is designed with leakage proof, UV protected containers and bares a great resiliency to harsh and varying climatic conditions. Simply one in all robustness!

clean dribble free presentation
We want your terrace devoid of any seepage under our farming layout  and so the setup has drain matts or anti seepage matts on the floor, which let the excessive water drain out easily without seeping into ceilings.
Separate and spoil free look good anyways!

great maintenance package-
an exclusive deal which makes us stand out and worth your attention!
We unfold a set of maintenance services for you coming with the complete farming setup, which includes
– spraying fertilizers
– adding essential plant foods
– decluttering dead leaves and weeds
– harvesting final yielding
-systematic maintenance of chart
-timely check and review by highly skilled experts, who operate as per standard SOP set.
Packaging best possible goodness for you!

low cost maintenance package
Every installation comes with a low cost maintenance making the farming process more likeable for you. We offer a maintenance subscription shouldering responsibility from maintenance of the farm to great results.
Set and forget!

take away the joy of exciting offers
Our exciting offers brings complimentary services for you the first two months after installation and you can continue to avail them at minimal rates on monthly or annually  basis and even beyond that!
Complimentary services bringing compulsory smiles 🙂

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