About Us

About Us

Pluck fresh, eat fresh, stay healthy!

At terrace farms, we are a dedicated team of four young visionaries, presenting a trusted and reliable concept of portable organic farming setup. Intended to promote economical and sustainable farming in urban lifestyle, we prepare a personalized kitchen garden for you to grow what you love. This is how we assure you include pure, healthy and fresh vegetables in your daily food regime. Our motive is to bring farms at your terraces and gift you a system of health and happiness.

Farming is good but organic farming is matchless. An environmental friendly cultivation with Terracefarms provides you the dream lifestyle of growing vegetables at home.
Under this, we take care of processing, installation and maintenance of organic farm of your choice, accessing you purest seasonal vegetables as the output. A one-time setup will always prosper your kitchen store with healthiest and quality organic vegetables throughout the year. And yes! You can thank us later 😉

We simply redefine organic farming in modernization and affirm, “To farm at your terraces is now a possible, easy and mess free layout with us”


The spark behind the notion- WHAT INSPIRED US!

Every innovation is a result of challenges. And only if challenges are perceived with hopes, an idea can bet its wings. The four friends hailing from different walks of life figured out economical, health, and environmental concerns with simple basic amenities of life just like consuming vegetables. And there they raised a structure of best solution- TerraceFarms!

How much confident you are about the quality while buying vegetables from a vendor?

Are you taking care of your gut health while eating vegetables?

Or you are buying a cheated health in the name of organic vegetables?

Let’s tap on the beats of opening senses with them!

Modernization has given every bit of facility in comfort together with complementing a big compromise in health. And so, why we canvas urban lifestyle as the most comfortable but the most unhealthy of all!  The rural vegetation has health rooted with soil which makes not only the taste of organic vegetables different but also more quality oriented, pure and clean.

The execution of Terracefarms was not restricted to the idea of just health and consumption of unadulterated vegetables but also productivity of lands and money. If you have been paying lakhs of Indian rupees in exchange of inorganic, unclean and impure vegetables till date, you couldn’t sadly make worth value for money. After years of experience, we can draw a conclusion; organic vegetables in the market may not be organic but for sure are expensive! Moreover, the unavailability of farming spaces is not a good sign for future of farming. Enough to turn the heat for Terracefarms team!

Terracefarms torched into fulfilling vegetable needs at home in a purely organic, healthful, space and cost effective way, away from pollution. Nurturing a mini farm of your own is an idea holding a rod of light clearly illuminating the future of planet. And the best part in action is moral connectivity cropping up, especially within the coming generations, when they feel themselves a part of nature, watching vegetables grow right from seeding to plucking fresh vegetables. The connectivity gets their instincts and holds their interest in getting planted to environment and the bursting life in nature.

Terracefarms and the journey of four strong fists as one, is a commitment more than a setup. It is a mission of spreading green, spreading love and spreading inner happinessJ

The vision statement
A mini Organic farm on every terrace and at every home!

Our vision is to transform the future of organic sustainability to the extent that one day personalized farm becomes the mandatory part of every home on this planet.

Mission statement
To make urban living self-equipped and independent for organic consumption by growing pure vegetables on terraces, with pursuit of global sustainability